Saturday, September 02, 2006

How It All Started

The Bud Crew started to form in September 1977. Mike (almost 16) had recently moved into East Hanover, NJ from Moonachie, NJ with his family. He met Jerry (15) at the bus stop on the first day of school at Hanover Park High School. Mike was starting the school year as a Junior, and Jerry was starting the school year as a Sophomore. Mike's first class was English (Miss Orlowski was the teacher). It was there he met Kevin (16). It turned out that he too had recently moved to East Hanover from Union, NJ with his family. All three of us started to hang out after school. We'd do our homework in Kevin's basement while listening to newly released albums from Boston (Boston), Kansas (Leftoverture), and Fleetwood Mac (Rumors). Can you say "That 70's Show?"

We met Rich sometime in 1978 when Jerry and Mike worked at the East Hanover Burger King. Rich attended Whippany Park High School because he lived, well, in Whippany.

All four (4) of us were eligible to purchase alcohol at the age of 18. So our beer of choice was, of course, Budweiser.

So here we are almost 30 years later. Three of us (Kevin, Rich, and Mike) have been married, had kids, and been divorced. At this time, Kevin has a significant other, Rich has been remarried, and Mike is engaged to be married again. Mike always says that Jerry was the smart one since he was never married.

So we hope that you enjoy some of stories that the four of us will be posting. There are 30 years of anecdotes that we feel you will find interesting and humorous.

We would also appreciate your comments, so we hope you contribute blog entries.


The Bud Crew.